October 1st, 2022 from 9:00am to– 4:30pm at Andover High School, Andover MA

Open to all girls on Massachusetts FTC teams.

Join us for the Girls in Engineering and Robotics Symposium (GEARS)!

The goal: Give the girls of FIRST Technical Challenge teams an opportunity to meet, network, and learn.

Being female in Robotics is no longer an oddity – but there are unique elements that girls bring to robotics that need reflection and celebration. This symposium is a chance for the girls of FTC to see how their involvement impacts their careers in engineering and robotics , as well as learn how best to utilize their knowledge to improve their futures.



Additional details: We will have 4 Tracks

  1. Role Models

  • Examples of careers that involvement in Engineering and Robotics could give you

  • How have other women achieved their success?

  • Academic paths, career paths

  1. The Next Step

  • College programs to consider

  • Thinking about Undergraduate degrees vs Graduate degrees

  • How to select your undergraduate concentration

3. Technical Workshops: Building the FTC robot – some skills that would be useful

  • Soldering

  • Linear Slides

  • What’s the draw on your motor?

4. Celebrating being a GEAR (What does being a girl add to your team? )

  • What does FTC prepare you for?

  • How to brag about your accomplishments

  • Building an all girls FTC team

Participants needed for all tracks.

Suggestions for new sessions welcomed.

Contact: Minda Reidy


Coach/Mentor of Andover Robotics Club