About Us

Established in 2009, the Andover Robotics Club is a student-run organization in Andover, Massachusetts, that specializes in the construction of robots for FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). The club has about 50 active members and is led by a student board of officers that keeps it running behind-the-scenes. The club has two co-ed teams, 5273 ARC Thunder and 4410 ARC Lightning, as well as one all-girls team, 10331 ARC Hailstorm.

To learn more about our teams, please refer to the "Teams" tab.

Current Officers

President- Rishika Agarwal


Vice President- Avanthika Suryadevara


Treasurer- Vismay Ravikumar





Connect With Us!

Via Instagram: @andoverrobotics

Via Twitter: @AndoverRobotics

We meet every Wednesday and Friday in the Engineering room in the Library from 2:30 - 5:00 (but more frequently during the competition season). All of our announcements are sent out via Google Classroom, so if you would like to join, feel free to email Abby, Angela, or Emily (emails above) to ask for the code.


Since ARC’s first competition in 2010, we have been earning awards for our excellent documentation and teamwork. Here are some of our teams' achievements:

2010: In the Botball New England competition, we placed 4th overall, 1st in our alliance match, and won the award for outstanding documentation.

2011-2012: The FTC Northern New England Championships awarded us the THINK award for stellar documentation of our engineering process, which we proceeded to win again at the 2012 North Andover Qualifying Tournament. We continued on to host and participate in the 2012 Massachusetts FTC Championship Tournament. At the 2011 Botball competition, we received the Judge’s Choice award, winning 2nd in our alliance match. In 2012, Botball once again commended our tremendous documentation.

2016-2017: We began hosting two qualifiers per season. ARC Lightning won the Connect Award, ARC Thunder won the Motivate Award, and ARC Hailstorm won the Winning Alliance Award in FTC's Velocity Vortex.

2017-2018: ARC Hailstorm won the Connect award and qualified for States in FTC's Relic Recovery.

2018-2019: ARC Thunder won the Connect award, ARC Hailstorm won the THINK award, and ARC Lightning won the Winning Alliance award in the Rover Ruckus competition. At states, Mrs. Reidy won the Compass Award and Jolene Pern was named Dean's List Finalist. ARC Thunder was also selected to attend FIRST World Championships!


Battle of Lexington 7.1: ARC Thunder was Finalist Alliance Captain and won the Inspire award!

Who Let the Bots Out: ARC Thunder won the Design Award, and ARC Hailstorm won the Connect Award and was on the Winning Alliance.

Mass. State Championships: ARC Thunder won the Innovate Award, ARC Hailstorm won the Motivate Award, and Abby Chou was named Dean's List Finalist.


Remote Qual 1: ARC Lightning won the 2nd Place Inspire Award.

Remote Qual 2: ARC Thunder won the 2nd Place THINK Award.

Remote Qual 3: ARC Thunder was the 2nd ranked team, in addition to winning the 2nd Place THINK Award and the Control Award.

Mass State Championships: ARC Thunder was the 6th ranking team, ARC Lightning and ARC Thunder won the 1st and 2nd place THINK Award respectively, Mrs. Reidy won the Compass Award, and Jade Nair was named Dean's List Finalist.

Previous Officers

We would like to thank everyone that has made this club possible in the previous years, bringing us to where we are today!

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